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So do you ever find yourself logging on to your favorite online shops and adding one item after another to the shopping bag as if you’d won a free shopping spree, only to look at your “cart” total and very slowly click save for later and shut your laptop with an overwhelming sense of loss?? No? Maybe it’s just me that does that… Anyway, I thought to help me with my sorrow of knowing ” I CANNOT spend that much money on clothes!”, I decided I would add my most desired items at the moment to a wish list. After all, I often impulse buy and later think “What the hell outfit did I hallucinate I had that this would go with??”. So this way I will have them there to stare at and analyze and ask myself “is that really cute?” “Am I just so desperate to expose myself to some retail therapy that I am imagining that is cute?”. So Here is this weeks items that for now I’m thinking “that’s cute”:

H&M Skirt - $24.95

H&M Skirt - $29.95

Beach Blanket swimsuit RED - $89.99 - modcloth.com

Now the next two items, I have no doubt I want them! However I am going back to work next week after being off since October for back surgery (yes I know, 25 is too damn young for back surgery, but I am one of the lucky ones. Do try not to be jealous) so I am not exactly rolling in the dough as they say. So I will have to hope the price will keep dropping and that even though my boyfriend is a Bills fan (he’s from Buffalo) that he will love me enough to buy this outfit for my birthday. 🙂

Cincinnati Bengals Bling Straight-leg Pant- Orig. $69.50 Sale $48.50

Cincinnati Bengals Bling Hoodie - Orig. $79.50 Sale $54.50

And for those of you who are football fans , like me, Victoria’s Secret has a full line for all 32 NFL teams and they have Collegiate apparel too! So if you have some extra cash, I suggest you pick up some super cute Fan gear! WHO DEY!!